Just Like Grandma Manticore Used to Make

Welcome, y’all! It’s me, your old pal Dr. Manticore. I’d like to show you around my fancy new website, where we distribute some of the finest podcasts ever crafted in these United States.

What’ve ya got, friend? The flu? Gout? Rabies? These podcasts will cure what ails you, no matter what it is! Why, I downright guarantee that these podcasts can even cure polio. Not that I guarantee that in writing or a court of law, o’ course!

I hope y’all will check out my¬†handmade, old-fashioned podcasts¬†made from a recipe passed down from Grandma Manticore herself, just like she made for me as a young boy down in Tennessee.

These podcasts are made by some of the greatest creative minds living today. They’ll fill you up and make you healthy and rich. This is a promise you can only get from yours truly, Dr. Manticore.

Love and Kisses,
Dr. Manticore

Dr. Manticore (Not a recent photo)
Ol’ Grandma Manticore, feedin’ the baby manticores


Dr. Manticore’s Old-Fashioned Podcast Elixirs is the creation of Asher Cantrell and Christopher Odom. And also a totally real, totally weird old dude named Dr. Manticore.

It is a creator-run podcast network, and we are happy to have people join in. If you’d like to reach out to us, use the contact form below to email Dr. Manticore and he’ll let us know.


You wanna palaver with ol’ Dr. Manticore? Well, step right up!